margie palatini

Childrens book author and illustrator

My Inspiration

The Web Files Inspiration Equation

My dad was a detective, so my sister, brother and I grew up playing — him! We played police station, detectives, made up mysteries. We also grew up in a house with one television, which meant we watched what my dad was wanted to watch. That was cops and bad guys.

My sister and I became pretty good mimics of those famous ‘bad guy’ actors like James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson in the old black and white movies my dad loved watching. His favorite tv program? What else … Dragnet. DUM DE DUM DUM. Put that together with Sunday drives in the country with Grandma pointing out fields of vegetables, Jamie’s particular interest at that age with tongue twisters, my own love of nursery rhymes and fairy tales, and … Ducktective Web was hatched!