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My Inspiration

Moosetache Inspiration Equation

One day, years ago, I was in New York City, near Rockefeller Center, when I noticed a man reading as he walked along the sidewalk. The book was right in front of his face, and even though I couldn’t actually see his face, I recognized him immediately by the ends of his big mustache sticking out from either side of the opened book.

The man was Gene Shalit, from The Today Show. It was such a funny – and memorable sight I guess my brain cells stored it away in my brain closet.

Many years after that, when my little boy Jamie became fascinated with shaving, (as I think all little boys do at one time or another), I remembered Gene Shalit and his famous big mustache. I subtracted the U, added two O’s, and the Moosetache tale of wayward whiskers started to grow.

As I wrote, I pictured the character of Moose as a cross between the wonderfully nimble and silly Danny Kaye and the lanky, outrageously quirky, ‘Kramer’ from Seinfeld.

When I told that to Henry Cole, he got inspired by what got me inspired – and Moose’s ‘inspired’ look was born! Perfectly perfect!