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Bad Boys Inspiration Equation

My sister’s family and our family were on vacation in DisneyWorld, and our boys, Michael and Jamie were being silly. Even Goofy agreed.

(BTW: silly is good. Helps them grow.) … I called them ‘Our Bad Boys’ – and it set my noodle a cookin’.

I admit it. I confess. I’m a movie and tv watcher. (And no, I’m not quite old enough to have seen everything I’ve referenced in my stories … but … well … okay … close).

It was just natural that one of my favorite movies, SOME LIKE IT HOT would be a ‘connecting dot’ — to our ‘bad boys’, which then took a left turn at Laurel and Hardy, a quick right at silly brothers Crane, plus a couple of fit-like-a-glove celebrity names, multiplied by a few nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters, which all equaled my mash up which became BAD BOYS.
Yes, I’m bad, bad, really really bad.