margie palatini

Childrens book author and illustrator

My Inspiration

Probably my most FAQs are:

"How did you get that idea?" "What made you think of that?" "Who's Your Inspiration?"

The answers to all of them are long and complicated, because it’s not just one ‘thing’, or one ‘person’ or even one ‘idea’, that is at the core of my stories – but actually a whole lot of mish-mashed mixed up STUFF. Important ‘stuff’ that is made up of family, friends … life. My life. My memories. Inspiration and imagination, after all, are very personal.

Events, times, and places may be universal, but it’s how they are processed through your own individual gray matter that allows for the creation of something authentic and unique to you – the artist.

Influenced by artists and composers, my ideas come into my brain as visuals and audibles.

I confess, it’s all pretty much a subconscious unstructured effort on my part when I’m in the middle of ‘the process’. But, once the story is complete, I can look back and connect all those inspiration dots from A to B to Z.

Margie's inspiration machineSo, if you really want to know ‘How I got that idea’, ‘What made me think of that?’ and ‘Who was my inspiration?’ … take a look at my ‘INSPIRATION EQUATIONS’
(with some help from my ‘Lab Coat Girl’, Trudie Marks.)